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Harlan Office

P.O. Drawer 750
62 Ball Park Road
Harlan, Kentucky 40831
Telephone:  (606) 573-4242
Fax:  (606) 573-4249
Office Manager – Charlotte Morgan
Legal Assistants – Teresa Napier & Denise Morgan

Manchester Office

P.O. Drawer 248
Manchester, KY 40962

Located on HWY 421 just past the EKU
Manchester Campus. Our office is on the

right and just prior to Verconica Lane. 

Telephone:  (606) 598-2700
Fax:  (606) 598-1401
Legal Assistant –  Malinda Brown

Harrogate Office

P.O. Drawer 780
211 Beech Street
Harrogate, TN 37752
Telephone:  (423) 869-9949
Fax:  (423) 869-9989
Legal Assistant – Betty Evans


John Hunt Morgan, PSC

Attorneys at Law


John Hunt Morgan, All Rights Reserved

Harlan Office: (606) 573-4242


Harrogate Office: (423) 869-9949


Manchester Office: (606) 598-2700



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